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About Us

We started Nippon Koi Farm in 1980 and we always been known for our competitive prices, sound advice and knowledge. A lot of our business is generated from recommendations from loyal customers who know that we are a long established and trustworthy company. We have been selling exclusively Japanese Koi some of Japan’s most reputable breeders making us possibly the longest established koi only dealer outside of Japan. We offer full range of koi related goods for both Koi and ornamental ponds.

directly hand-picked and imported from Japan’s leading breeders. The Company maintains the lineage of these pedigree Kois through careful in-house controlled breeding methods. The Company has received numerous awards from various authorities and commercial bodies in Nippon has been importing, growing and selling Koi for more than 30 years. All Kois are recognition of its achievements in Koi culture. We have earned the trust and have been recognized for our koi management knowledge from all local koi enthusiasts and leading Japanese breeders. In 1998, Mr Pay was invited by the All Japan Shinkokai Koi Show as a Certified Overseas Judge, a rare honour in Japan. (Currently Mr Pay is a well known and respected Koi culture expert in the industry in Japan and Singapore.

The Company’s main activities include the active management of a large scale fish farm for breeding, farming, rehabilitation, growth and grooming, as well as having quarantine and hospitality facilities for Kois and other fishes. Nippon also undertakes all research and development related to these activities, as well as production, packaging and distribution of Nippon Koi Farm brand fishfeed, fish mediation, and products for water treatment. The Company also provides its clients, with consultation services on the construction, design and after sales maintenance of hobby fish ponds at their clients’ homes, as well as ponds under their koi-hotel business, for those who do not have fish ponds due to reasons such as insufficient space at home.