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Koi Hotel

Our Koi Hotel provides short term/long term ponds for rehabilitation, quarantine services, growth and grooming programmes, and treatment for koi. We welcome koi lovers pets, as koi lovers have no place or space to pursue their hobby, to house their koi at the Koi Hotel. Individuals may also combine and house a few of their finest koi in the hotel. You can keep your exceptional koi in the hotel for grooming or for competition purposes.

Koi Hotel therefore provides a platform for koi lovers to gather, interact and network with new friends and business associates in a relaxed, stress-free and informal atmosphere.

We would like to introduce our koi pond hotel sizes as follows

10 tons = 36 Ponds
21 Tons = 21 Ponds
25 Tons = 24 Ponds
60 Tons = 30 Ponds
90 Tons = 2 Ponds
160 Tons = 6 Ponds
250 Tons = 1 Pond
450 Tons = 5 Ponds
650 Tons = 4 Ponds